A short story by yours truly, Shannon Crowley, owner of Numbersmith Solutions

There are two reasons behind this great financial adventure. First and foremost is personal experience. After my husband and I dug ourselves out of $80k+ of debt in three years I developed a strong belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience that freedom even in our current consumer loving society. The second reason is Carrie Bradshaw, which takes a little more explaining.

Carrie Bradshaw (yes, the fictional character from Sex in the City) was known for writing about sex and relationships, wearing all the latest fashion trends and being a financial disaster. The audience is lead to believe her writing career allowed her to live a lavish, Manolo wearing lifestyle until the 2nd Aiden split when we find out the truth. She charges tomatoes to her credit card and has $700 in the bank, but $40k in shoes.

Oh, sweet Carrie. She could have used some accountability and direction from a financial coach. Most American women have a few (or most) of Carrie Bradshaw’s financial tendencies (read- charges tomatoes or Manolos or both… in the same day) and since I can’t help Carrie seeing as how she is fictional and all I want to help all the real life Carrie Bradshaw’s with just that: guidance and accountability from a financial coach.

The best part is that it doesn’t have to stop at the personal level. I also love a good Samantha Jones story. And probably not the type of story you’re thinking of if you know anything about good ‘ol Sammy Jo, but the female entrepreneurial story. You know, the one where a badass lady builds her own badass business. Bookkeeping is a big part of the financial equation, but knowing what those numbers mean is crucial.

From building a personal budget to reading a P&L, this blog will give you some basic financial skills to keep you off the streets and in Manolos (or Berkinstocks, whatever your footwear of choice happens to be) with money to spare.

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